Research Media Gallery

Original research work by Rafael Deliz-Aguirre

Sea snail cilia pushing water

Sea star cilia pushing water

Image Analysis Pipeline Applications

Modified Predator-Prey Model Phase Portrait

Watershed Segmentation Schematic

Watershed Segmentation Applied

Live analysis of MyD88-GFP spots

Puerto Rico COVID-19 projections

Yeast Under a Scanning Electron Microscope

Yeast Under a Fluorescence Microscope

Dusty Plasma

Chamber containing 6µm silica particles suspended in argon plasma

Evolutionary tree

Mycoplasmas and model organisms

Correlation Analysis

Epidemiology data

16S Variable Regions

2017 ASM Microbe

New Orleans, Louisiana

2017 LBV Conference

Second Place Biology Award

2017 ASM Biothreats

Washington, DC

2016 Texas ASM Meeting

Dallas, Texas

2016 Texas A&M System Pathways

Prarie View, Texas

2012 Texas ASM Meeting

Presented with Orville Wyss Award

New Braunfels, Texas

Biodefense Strategizing

2014 Organization of American States (OAS) simulation on strategies against bioterorrism

Baylor All-Star

Featured in Baylor All-Stars Marketing Campaign for research work