Skills & Techniques


Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2) experience, lab equipment repair & maintenance, starting and maintaining banks (over 5 000 samples)

Molecular Biology

Cell cultures (mammalian, bacterial, yeast), cloning, IC-50 and MIC tests, transformations, flow cytometry, DNA and protein extraction, purification and analysis, including PCR, Western blots, BSA assays, gel (e.g., SDS-PAGE, agarose) and capillary electrophoresis


Genotyping, drug & anesthesia administration, surgery, necropsies, tumor measurements, injections, strain generation, colony maintenance, breeding, retro-orbital bleedings, MRI, luciferase imaging, advance fluorescence pre-clinical imaging in vivo

Histology & Microscopy

Specimen prep (fixating, dehydrating, coating), embedding, microtome cutting, staining, light, TIRF, fluorescence, and electron microscopy, sputter coating, critical point drying, tissue analysis, supported lipid bilayers


Patient data collection (e.g., vitals, allergies, family history), Adult & Pediatric First Aid & CPR, billing, ICD-10 and CPT coding, human sample collection, molecular diagnostics, epidemiology, observational studies, clinical microbiology


Coding (proficient in R, Python, MATLAB, and bash shell; working knowledge in Perl, C++, HTML), ImageJ/FIJI, high performance cloud computing (e.g., SLURM), statistical analysis (R, GraphPad Prism, JMP, IBM SPSS), Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), installing networks (routers, VPN, ftp), FileMaker, Mac, Windows and Linux OS


Writing grants, research articles and editorials, budgeting, acquisitions (over US$50k/year), teaching, mentoring and training, writing human (IRB) and biosafety protocols (IBC), facilitate BSL-2 certification and compliance